Easy and quick booking with our new booking page!

To make your booking experience even more pleasant, we have updated our booking page as of April 1st. Our new booking page is designed to be even simpler, more transparent, and user-friendly, allowing you to book your next stay with us even more stress-free. Additionally, the new tool enables us to provide you with personalized offers, giving you an even clearer selection.

Frequently asked questions

What will change?

The booking page can still be accessed through our homepage as before. If you have saved the old booking page as a favorite, you will need to update this link once.

In addition to a new look for the booking form, you will now benefit from exclusive discounts and vouchers, as well as personalized offers. Soon, we will also be introducing a simple loyalty program with attractive benefits for our regular guests.

Are my data secure in the new booking form?

Yes! Our updated booking engine complies with the strict data protection standards in accordance with the GDPR. We have taken measures to ensure that your personal data is protected, including secure data transmission and storage, as well as compliance with all relevant privacy regulations. Your data will only be used for the booking process and will be treated securely and confidentially.

What about the payment process?

The new payment process remains the same as before! We have retained our secure payment gateway for online payments for the new booking page as well. Your credit card details are transmitted securely according to current standards. By the way, as a hotel, we only see your card details in encrypted form. This is both good and secure.

What happens to my existing login credentials?

Your existing login credentials will become invalid after April 1st, and consequently, your profile will be deleted. However, you can easily make changes to your booking in just a few steps. We hope you take full advantage of this feature.

Can I edit my trips booked through the old booking page myself?

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. Your past bookings are, of course, still stored in our system. However, if you have any changes or modifications, you will need to contact our reception directly for these bookings. Our reception remains available 24/7 for you via phone.

What about bookings made via email, phone, or in person?

There is no change here. You don’t need to take any action. We look forward to your stay as usual.