now: MOMA1890 Boutique Hotel

former Hotel Stadt Rosenheim
"Hotel Stadt Rosenheim" became "MOMA1890 Boutique Hotel"

Feel (furthermore) like at home!

The “Hotel Stadt Rosenheim” in Munich became “MOMA 1890” and – in the middle of one of the most serious crises in the (German) hotel industry – not only dared to rebrand, but also took the final steps for the long-planned concept change.

With the new name, the two brothers Moritz and Maximilian Seidel make a clear statement to the family-run house at Munich’s Orleansplatz:

The combination of their two first names with the year of construction of the listed building symbolizes the close connection of the two with the history of the hotel (founded by great-grandfather Franz Xaver Kroisi), but also with its future.

“Our goal is that in 120 years it will be said again: “MOMA 1890 – that was the name my great-grandfather gave to this hotel!”, Maximilian Seidel, owner.

MOMA 1890 is a boutique hotel with a special claim. We look forward to welcoming you to Munich!

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